Instagirls: è una buona rappresentazione delle fashion blogger? Vi dico la mia

C'è una nuova serie web: Instagirls, su un gruppo di fashion blogger. Ci recitano delle vere fashion blogger. Altre fashion blogger si sono risentite, per questa rappresentazione della categori. Volete sapere cosa penso io? Continuate a leggere!  Sto scrivendo quest post dopo avere visto il primo episodio di Instagirls. Fino a stamattina, devo confessare che... Continue Reading →

How to dress to be happy on Friday. In Milano

Yes, I know, it seems easy to be happy on Friday. But it is not always true: think about the week-end syndrome that affect the singles, for instance. As for dressing to be happy, is it true for anyone? But I have my secret recipe for happiness, and no, I am not going to tell... Continue Reading →

How to dress on a “back to winter” and rainy day in Milano

These selfies are hopless, let me tell you. I was reading the suggestions that my friend and favourite fashion blogger Arianna Chieli had given to the wannabe fashion bloggers in a recent event, the opening of the Zalando temporary story here in Milan. She suggested extreme and professional care in texts and pictures... we all... Continue Reading →

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