How to wear a poncho #2. With culotte. In Milano

No more complaining today, no more autoflagellation, only a sound, honest #selfieinthekitchen! I have come to love this poncho... I even wrote a post on Giorni Moderni on how to wear a poncho with no nostalgia for the seventies! And you know, my posts on Giorni Moderni are really a hit. It is not myself... Continue Reading →

How to wear some silly glasses. On your birthday in Milano

Because of Facebook (or thanks to Facebook) everybody knew yesterday was my birthday. Not that I wanted to hide it! I think that if you decide to be on the social networks, you have to be yourself. Well, in life in general, I am quite happy to be myself. And in my opinion the social networks... Continue Reading →

How to dress when you don’t know there’ll be a surprise awaiting for you at work. In Milano

Do you see what was awaiting for me at work? A colorful invasion of giant plastic animals! Dogs standing on the passage over the lake, birds in love on the grass, frogs lazily laying on the pond, and dozens of snails scattered all around the park! Isn't it a great surprise? Why this display of... Continue Reading →

How to be chic in a “milanese” way? My blog is the (modest) answer!

There's a debate, at the moment, about what it means to be a "milanese", what it's trendy to wear and to do. It has been started on and I really like the article that my friend and co-blogger Cristiana Palmigiano wrote on our collective blog about Milano, Since this blog is about being... Continue Reading →

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