How to wear a poncho, or never say never. In Milano

If, let's say a year ago, you had asked me what I thought about ponchos, I would have smiled, remembering the old times when ponchos were cool and rebellious, and told you no ways, I don't like them. And then one day, in California, hanging around in a Costco shop to do some shopping for... Continue Reading →


How to dress on a cloudy September Friday. In Milano

Tired of the daily #selfieinthekitchen? Well, at least today I changed my pose... how do you like it? I do. Maybe the shoes are appearing too important, or too big? It is true that they are big... I buy my shoes a size more than the correct one. So I am comfortable and I don't... Continue Reading →

How to do a #selfiewithbear when you cannot do a #selfieinthekitchen

Well, there was no kitchen to take my signature #selfieinthekitchen today. But there are a lot of bears around here... fortunately, most of them are wooden smiling bears! So why not stop and have your favourite fashion blogger take a smiling selfie with a smiling wooden bear? And I am wearing a helmet too! I... Continue Reading →

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