Dress down Friday alla Milano Fashion Week

Non vorrei rinunciare al Dress Down Friday. Però questa è la settimana della moda, la mitica Milano Fashion Week... e durante il weekend andrò a ben due eventi, della Milano Fashion Week, con outfit adeguato!Venerdì è venerdì. E abbiamo tutto il diritto a goderci il Dress Down Friday, anche se c’è la Milano Fashion Week.... Continue Reading →


How a pair of shoes can make the difference. In Milano

For the last day of September, one of my favourite months, I am doing a #selfieinthekitchen with flowers (a gift from my friend Isabella) and frog. Doesn't it sound like the title of a dadaistic painting? I am quite happy about my outfit, today. More than usual. I am not sure why. Maybe because, starting... Continue Reading →

How to dress when it’s suddenly fall, and you are not ready for it. In Milano

Where has all the light gone? This is what I was singing to myself this morning...  all the light along with the flowers...are you too young to remember Joan Baez? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsx5Z55DU78 Anyway, this is the way my #selfieinthekitchen are going to look, unless I find a light trick. Fall is here. Daylight is poor and... Continue Reading →

How to dress when the temperature drops 10 degrees and you are happy about it. In Milano

Yesterday there was another thunderstorm and today is cloudy but not hot at all. I am happy (just about)! There is a song by Bruce Springsteen, "Tougher than the rest" where at one point he says  "You were all dressed up in blue, I have been watching you for a while, may be you have... Continue Reading →

How to dress when you are going to visit a friend and will do some sport activity. Near Milano

Yesterday I was invited to a friend's house in a village outside Milano. It's not countryside yet, also because the outskirts of Milano are very huge, but it's very close to the Parco delle Groane, a beautiful green area north of town. I went there in the afternoon, and we had planned either to take... Continue Reading →

How to dress with the “onion” tecnique. On a Friday in Milano

Here's a very simple example of dressing with the "onion" technique. A technique very effective in spring and autumn, when the weather is changeble and unpredictable. Moreover, it's Friday! Well, I guess you have understood from my outfit that the publishing business is quite informal, when it comes to clothes. Of course the big bosses... Continue Reading →

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