How to dress to go house hunting. In Monza

This is going to be a long story. Not this post, the house hunting story. I thought it would have been easier. But let's not complain and remember all we have to be grateful for. Thanksgiving shouldn't be a day a year, don't you think? Anyway I took my #selfieinthekitchen before leaving. It is a... Continue Reading →

How to wear a poncho #2. With culotte. In Milano

No more complaining today, no more autoflagellation, only a sound, honest #selfieinthekitchen! I have come to love this poncho... I even wrote a post on Giorni Moderni on how to wear a poncho with no nostalgia for the seventies! And you know, my posts on Giorni Moderni are really a hit. It is not myself... Continue Reading →

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