How to dress for the first day of Bookcity. In Milano

In fact today is the second day of Bookcity, but it is the first for me. I remember last year it was raining cats and dogs and elephants, all the three days of the event. Believe me, it was a nightmare! Also because Bookcity is spread all over the city, and if you have to... Continue Reading →

How to wear a pair on ankle boots you are sharing with your sister. In Milano

I bought these ankle boots last winter with my sister. We were at the Zara main store in Corso Vittorio Emanuele, browsing through the items on sale, and we spotted these boots. I wasn't sure they would fit such a small person as myself, and if they hadn't been on sale I would not have... Continue Reading →

How to dress when you don’t know there’ll be a surprise awaiting for you at work. In Milano

Do you see what was awaiting for me at work? A colorful invasion of giant plastic animals! Dogs standing on the passage over the lake, birds in love on the grass, frogs lazily laying on the pond, and dozens of snails scattered all around the park! Isn't it a great surprise? Why this display of... Continue Reading →

How to dress for a wonderful, resilient Thursday. In Milano

7.30: alarm. Shut the fan down. Open the windows completely, let the fresh air in. There were thunderstorms on the mountains, maybe they pushed some air down the plain surrounding Milano. Don't think about the heat. Shower. Pure pleasure. I am not thinking about the heat. Breakfast: orange juice, fruit salad with yogurt, coffee and... Continue Reading →

How to dress to enhance your resilience. In Milano

Resilience is a very interesting concept, that is becoming more and more widely used. I have done a little reaserch on the Internet and found the Torrens Resilience Institute (based in Australia) which give this definition: the term resilience was introduced into the English language in the early 17th Century from the Latin verb resilire,... Continue Reading →

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