La vera storia di Pasta Sisters

Ora, a dire il vero non è che ci sia in giro una storia falsa o finta. Però "la vera storia" suona meglio di "la storia" soltanto, no? Allora mia cugina Paola Da Re, dopo lunghe peripezie personali decide di andare a Los Angeles, città in cui aveva abitato da giovane e in cui si... Continue Reading →

How to dress in the middle of the week. In Milano

Some years ago my sister moved to Los Angeles and went to live in Monrovia, nicknamed "any town in USA". It was often used as a set for movies and TV series, and she was astonished when coming back in the evening the building she had seen in the morning wasn't there anymore... Why am... Continue Reading →

How to dress for a #selfieinthekitchen in Los Angeles, California

Were you missing my #selfieinthekitchen? I bet you were! So it is expressly for you, my beloved readers and followers, that I brought my selfie gears all over to Los Angeles! I am actually in Arcadia (very near to Pasadena), visiting a friend of mine. She has a beautiful home and a very American kitchen. I... Continue Reading →

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