How to be #50chic with comfort clothes. In Milano

So this is today, getting ready for the #selfieinthekitchen, with a need for comfort clothes. Believe it or not, this morning I didn't know what to wear. It is true that it is a strange season, warmer than it should be, and we are set for winter clothes that are in fact too warm. I... Continue Reading →

How to dress on the (likely) last day of bare legs. In Milano

It might be today, tomorrow, any day soon: temperatures will drop just a bit more, and good bye bare legs! So even though this morning wasn't properly warm or mild, I thought I might as well wear a skirt with soquettes... it could be months before I could wear them again! And I tell you,... Continue Reading →

How to wear beige without looking too milanese. In Milano

Welcome to my kitchen! Here I am doing my usual selfie before going out. Do you remember yesterday I was telling you about the debate on the "milanese" style? Well, one of the must of the milanese, according to the article in, Come sembrare milanese senza esserlo, was to mix different tones of beige.... Continue Reading →

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