L’eleganza è ancora rilevante?

Lo afferma Demna Gvasalia, lo stilista di Vetements che ora è da Balenciaga. E me lo sono chiesta io quando sono andata online e ho visto i bellissimi cappotti di Max Mara indossati senza calze e con le ciabatte pelose (sì, proprio quelle della saga di EyeMilano). Voi che dite? Ci basta essere felici con... Continue Reading →

How to wear a pair of cropped pants. Now, this is very difficult. In Milano

These culotte or cropped pants are very difficult. I didn't realized it when I bought them, a couple of weeks ago at Zara. I bought them along with the ecoleather ones, and I would have though just the opposite. But while the ecoleather cropped pants are similar, in shape and lenght, to a skirt, these... Continue Reading →

How to dress when you feel the blue? Well, choose the green! So we do in Milano

Well, everybody feels the blue, sometimes… so how do you dress? I have chosen grey: grey trousers (these come from the little market in Ancona where I went for Easter break) that I rolled up not only because I am small but also because I wanted to make them less serious. The fabric is stretch, so they... Continue Reading →

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