How to be classic and classy in jeans. In Milano

Another rainy day. Another #selfieinthekitchen with yellow light... I have tried to use just the natural light, and it didn't work. I don't know when I will have the time to look for a lamp that will solve the problem. But never mind. I make do with what I have! Yesterday I was reading The... Continue Reading →

Blue variations. How to dress using just one color. In Milano

One of the great superiorities of blue over black, as a clothes color of course, is that there are an infinity of variations on blue. I know that there no such thing as a one black. Especially in a bright light, there are all kinds of blacks: greyish, blueish, yellowish, reddish and so far. But... Continue Reading →

How to dress when summer seems to have already ended. In Milano

I have come back a week and the weather it's already turning toward fall... and you can see the #selfieinthekitchen showing more and more layers... I am exagerating, I know. But the quality of the light has already changed: I love the roundness and softness of  September! It has a sweetness, a mellow melancholy that... Continue Reading →

How to dress to enhance your resilience. In Milano

Resilience is a very interesting concept, that is becoming more and more widely used. I have done a little reaserch on the Internet and found the Torrens Resilience Institute (based in Australia) which give this definition: the term resilience was introduced into the English language in the early 17th Century from the Latin verb resilire,... Continue Reading →

How to dress when you want to wear a piece that you don’t find a combination for. But then you do. In Milano

I guess it happens to everybody: you buy a piece you love, and then you struggle to find what to wear it with... It happened to me this morning. I wanted to wear a pale green T-shirt (by Esprit) I bought some months ago: I love the color and the very soft texture, and also... Continue Reading →

How to wear something that is not a pair of trousers nor a long skirt but maybe both. In Milano

So what are these? Are they large trousers? Or a long skirt? Hard to tell, isn't it? And moreover, are they the right outfit for a small person like me? Probably not. But you know, sometimes you just have to have something! But I quite like them. I bought them in Zara. Well, I tried... Continue Reading →

How to dress when you are going to visit a friend and will do some sport activity. Near Milano

Yesterday I was invited to a friend's house in a village outside Milano. It's not countryside yet, also because the outskirts of Milano are very huge, but it's very close to the Parco delle Groane, a beautiful green area north of town. I went there in the afternoon, and we had planned either to take... Continue Reading →

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