Come scegliere i sandali. A Monza

Che poi è la storia di come ho scelto i miei... un processo piuttosto complesso, ma con risultati molto soddisfacenti!  Ho comprato un paio di sandali, sabato. Bella roba, sento che state dicendo, è estate e tutti portano i sandali. Che è vero. Ma io ho una storia un po’ particolare con i sandali. Per... Continue Reading →

What to wear when you are counting the days before your holidays. In Milano

Back to #selfieinthekitchen! Are you all very happy? I bet you are. Me too! I am also happy because I can count the days before my departure for the United States. And a very few numbers I have to count! Just four, counting today! Time to start thinking about packing: which is going to be... Continue Reading →

How to improve the quality of your pictures by buying a new phone, but not to be able to take a selfie because you don’t have updated the bluetooth connection. In Milano

So I finally decided to invest some money on a new phone. I was sure the quality of the pictures would have improved and here is the proof! The only problem is I had to reconfigure everything and this morning, when I was ready for the usual selfie in the kitchen, the bluetooth didn't work.... Continue Reading →

Do people who design shoes, sandals in particular, ever try them on? That is the question. In Milano

I am not a fan of these picture of feet and shoes. I don't think my feet are one my best features. But look at these sandals: don't they look innocent? Well they are not. They are just killing me! Believe me. I tried them on. I checked the leather, the shape, the sole. I... Continue Reading →

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