Dress down Monday, after a week-end in Tuscany

At first I thought of "Orange is the new black" as the title of this post. But then, knowing what kind of orange is this new black, I opted out. Not that I had seen the TV series. But I guess you know it is set in a prison... let's stay out of it! But... Continue Reading →

How to dress when you don’t understand the traffic on your blog. In Milano

Do I look perplexed? You bet I do. I am wondering what to make of the ups and downs of my blog statistics... is it related to what I write? To the fact that the title is more or less SEO friendly (I think today's title is too long, for instance)? To the closeness in... Continue Reading →

How to dress to learn about negotiation and get your mojo back. In Milano

I think I had read about the WorkHer project on Facebook. Probably somebody had shared a content, and I will be forever grateful to people who posts contents, because I get so many ideas and suggestions I wouldn't otherwise be able to get... I spotted an hour workshop about negotiation I found especially fitting, so... Continue Reading →

How to dress to be noticed by the Grey Model Agency… In Milano

Have you heard about the Grey Model Agency? Have you read the article yesterday on the Huffington Post? Well, if you haven't, you should. It seems that finally the world has realized that not everybody is young, that women fifty and more years old can be fascinating and beautiful. Rebecca Valentine has founded the first... Continue Reading →

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