Lettera aperta a Sephora: basta poco per perdere i clienti

Cara Sephora, ho deciso di scriverti qua, in pubblico. Ho usato il tuo servizio online per la prima volta, e sono ancora qui che aspetto quello che ho ordinato. Sono una piccola cliente, certo. Anche People Express, prima di fallire, pensava che in fondo perdere un cliente non sarebbe stato chissà cosa... leggi qui, se... Continue Reading →

How to wear a kimono #1. In Milano on a beautiful evening

Well, I don't know about where you live, but here in Milano summer has arrived. It is a bit too early, yes. And I still have tank tops and short and linen jacket hidden somewhere in my wardrobe... so I decided to do this kimono defilée, of which my friend Laura (yet again, the future... Continue Reading →

Ironing or not ironing? And what about a bit of irony? In Milano, of course!

I used to iron quite a lot. Among the chores you have to do in order to keep yourself clean and nice and your home clean and nice, it was the one I preferred. I guess because things were already clean, and the result of the ironing is visible, soft, delicately perfumed, beautiful. Then recently... Continue Reading →

How to spend too much at Sephora (in Milano) but then be happy about your new lipstick

Yesterday I came back from Bologna (where I had spent the week-end participating in a Sketchnote camp and visiting friends) by train and stopped in Sephora. I rarely enter a drugstore or perfume shop. I don't like the way they xray you and suggest you to buy dozens of different products. I know myself well... Continue Reading →

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