What to wear when you cannot do your usual #selfieinthekitchen. In Milano

This is a strange picture but I quite like it. You know what happened? That yesterday when I left the office I collected the iPad, some papers I have to take home, my pen, the second telephone... and when I arrived at home I realized I didn't have the iPhone with me! Well, I was... Continue Reading →

Five summer tips from your favourite fashion blogger. In Milano

No #selfieinthekitchen? No. Not today. I know you can't live without it, but you will make do. And instead I am offering you five precious (even though they would sometimes seem obvious) suggestions, that I have learned in this unusually hot summer in Milano. #number1 Dress. Don't think that because it's hot you would feel... Continue Reading →

How to dress with the “onion” tecnique. On a Friday in Milano

Here's a very simple example of dressing with the "onion" technique. A technique very effective in spring and autumn, when the weather is changeble and unpredictable. Moreover, it's Friday! Well, I guess you have understood from my outfit that the publishing business is quite informal, when it comes to clothes. Of course the big bosses... Continue Reading →

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