5 good resolutions for 2016. Inspired by tennis

Thanks to Daniela Dondi, named official photographer of the Montecarlo Gotennis 2015 stage, you can see me playing tennis! Here I am serving... Tennis makes me think, you know. And when today, as tradition asks, I posted my New Year Resolutions on my other blog ciabattine and on Giorni Moderni, I realised some of them... Continue Reading →

Why is your profile important? In Rome

Y If you think about the two current meanings of profile, it is clear that it is something more than just a point of view. You update your profile on Linkedin, you show your better profile... It seems that the Egyptians portraited people in profile because they thought that that was the way people show... Continue Reading →

How to improve the quality of your pictures by buying a new phone, but not to be able to take a selfie because you don’t have updated the bluetooth connection. In Milano

So I finally decided to invest some money on a new phone. I was sure the quality of the pictures would have improved and here is the proof! The only problem is I had to reconfigure everything and this morning, when I was ready for the usual selfie in the kitchen, the bluetooth didn't work.... Continue Reading →

Do people who design shoes, sandals in particular, ever try them on? That is the question. In Milano

I am not a fan of these picture of feet and shoes. I don't think my feet are one my best features. But look at these sandals: don't they look innocent? Well they are not. They are just killing me! Believe me. I tried them on. I checked the leather, the shape, the sole. I... Continue Reading →

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