5 good resolutions for 2016. Inspired by tennis

Anna Servizio

Thanks to Daniela Dondi, named official photographer of the Montecarlo Gotennis 2015 stage, you can see me playing tennis!

Here I am serving… Tennis makes me think, you know. And when today, as tradition asks, I posted my New Year Resolutions on my other blog ciabattine and on Giorni Moderni, I realised some of them come from thinking about the tennis game.

Let’s start with the resolutions, in case you have not yet read the posts. There are 5 words:

  • Choose: which basically means refrain from wanting everything and wanting to do everything. There are too many things around. If you don’t choose, time and necessity will chose for you. I don’t want that, do you?
  • Care: do everything with care. Forget multitasking and do things one at a time. It will give you immense satisfaction. Of course you have to chose first. If you do less things, you can do them with more care and more satisfaction. How does it sound?
  • Appreciate: happiness comes in small everyday things. Remember all of them. It can be an exercise to do before going to bed: think about the pleasant little things that happened to you. I am sure you will find more than one for every day of the year…
  • Do your part: or stop thinking about what other people do. Are others lazy, sly, incompetent etc? Concentrate on your tasks. Do them the best you can. You will be so happy about it you’ll stop using other’s faults to excuse yourself. How much better is that?
  • Let go: things, people, thoughts. Free yourself from all the dead weights you carry with you from one year to the other. I know, it is easier to say than do, but let’s give it a try. I will. Won’t you?

And how come I got these things from tennis?

Well, Choose and Appreciate come from the year just past: the first I have to learn, the second I have done, and it’s been surprisingly good. Care and Do my part are the right way to play, tennis as much as everything else: once I stop thinking about what my adversary does, I play with care and I stop missing the ball! And at the end of the game it doesn’t matter so much if I have won or lost: I am happy! As for Let go, that’s the most difficult thing for me; it is my real challenge for #2016!

Finally, look how #50chic and #chicafter50 are my Patagonia flowery shorts over a pair of black leggings and a matching top!

Have a nice evening!

Anna da Re


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