How to dress when you ponder on your year on Facebook

Anna da Re 21 dicembre2

My first reaction on “Your year in review” on Facebook is to dismiss it. Everybody know how stupid some messages from Facebook are: when it reminds you that you and your sister have become friends four years ago, or shows you an image of no significance to you.

Then I read the post by my friend Domitilla Ferrari, and how the “Your year in review” made her think about her 2015 in a different way.

And it is true. Because it is such an extreme recap, and because it is made out of pictures that you decided to post. It is you that decided to post that image and not another. Or not to post something.

What my “year in review” made me think?

First of all that I don’t publicize Chic After Fifty enough. Probably because I wasn’t very convinced at the beginning: I wasn’t sure to be able to sustain it, I wasn’t sure it would be appreciated. Now, after almost a year, I know I can do it. So I should boast about it!

Secondly, I travelled more that I thought. There is this thing that runs in the family, that we are happier when we are moving and travelling. It is such a necessity that I have the feeling of not moving while I am moving a lot!

Thirdly, I collaborate with many people and I am visible. I am writing on Donna Moderna and doing little things related to fashion and #chicafter50 and #50chic. You will see, in 2016 I’ll be famous!

As for today’s #selfieinthekitchen: skirt by Promod, handmade sweater, Airwalk by Dr Martens boots. Keep it warm, keep it simple!

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re



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