What to buy in a quick visit at the sales. In Milano


Did you think that because yestarday I went to Monza to take measurements of the new flat I forgot the sales? No way!

Only I had very little time so I limited myself to a tour at Zara, which you can see from the picture was very fruitful! I think I could be a Zara brand ambassador… They have a huge choice, sometimes even too much, but I always manage to find something pretty and wearable and not at all expensive. And because I think my strength point is the mix and match (which is fun and make this blog possible), Zara is a good starting point.

So I took the time to get into the Milano store and buy a few stuff: the nth grey T-shirt but also a very pretty white and stripy one, a pair of culotte in a blue/green color, a pair of very large pants/skirt but in a classical blue, and a pretty skirt. All very #50chic and #chicafter50 and very mixable!

I have a confession, though: when I go to the winter sales, I tend to refrain from buying winter clothes. I feel like winter has gone, and look for lighter things. And it is very stupid of me, because at the beginning of January winter has just started, and I will be wearing warm clothes until April at least!

And no #selfieinthekitchen today, I am sorry. But you can admire the pattern of my sofa, which will come with me in Monza!

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re


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