Strategies for a cold Monday. In Milano

Anna da Re 18 gennaio

I have managed to move away the boxes, but as you can see something is still in the way… it is not exactly a #selfieinthekitchen with boxes but very similar!

And today it is cold. This time is true. We had a strange winter, this winter, and every time the weather forecast are predicting a wave of cold, something happens and it never really comes. Except today is different. You could see the cold from the color of the air, even from the window. When I arrived in Segrate, in the morning, I noticed all the puddles, even the big ones, were frozen solid. The air was crispy and not unpleasant. I had my shearling coat all buttoned up and with the hood on. As they say, there is no such thing as bad weather, only the wrong clothes!

So I am wearing a soft and warm cachemire sweater, a soft and warm jacket (by Antonio Fusco, certainly an investment in terms of money but a good one) and soft and relatevely warm pants (Seventy). Pampering myself, you see? And what is more soft and warm than the Blundstones?

All together, #50chic and #chicafter50 below zero!

Now I am on the move and ready to face any weather conditions!

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re


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