How to dress when you write in a language that is not yours. In Milano

Anna da Re 25 gennaioI started to write this blog in English out of ambition: I just didn’t want my blog to be confined in my small country. Not that I don’t love my country: it is a beautiful one, sometimes unbearable like any other mother country, but certainly one of the most beautiful in the world. But to write in Italian would have confined me to the Italian public. Again, not that I don’t love and respect my Italian readers.

I just wanted both: the Italian readers and the world readers.

That’s why the new version of the blog will be in two languages: Italian and English. There won’t be just the translation of the text. There will be two versions and you will chose the one you want to read.

There will be more work for me, but I am not afraid of that.

I think I have also been naive and thoughtless, which is often the attitude that makes us do things that we would not do otherwise. I thought: why not to try?

And now I have written more than 200 posts!

I have been thinking about the experience of writing in English. It has been a challenge (still is) and a discipline. Since it doesn’t come natural, it is a process that forces you to think. You have to know what you want to say and then look for the proper way to say it. It forces you to use your memory: all those books you have read, those articles, posts, sentences where you have learned how American and English people express their feelings, their thoughts, their concerns. It forces you to stay very concentrate: there is no such thing as the automatic pilot when you write in a language that is not yours.

I am very happy to have done it. I am very happy to continue to do it.

I hope you will chose your language and be happy too!

As for clothes: the usual Antonio Fusco jacket, skirt by Pimkie, cachemire sweater so old that had lost its label, Blundstone. Useless to repeat #50chic and #chicafter50…

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re


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