My first list: 5 styles we will keep with us in 2016. Inspired by the Telegraph.

Anna da Re 18 dicembre

They say lists work wonder on the internet. Unfortunetely, I am not very good on lists, basically because I have a very strange and inefficient memory.

But I thought to give it a try.

I found an article on the Telegraph, with the 10 styles that we will take with us in 2016. I wasn’t particularly keen on all of them, and I don’t want to give you the illusion that I will be able, in the near future and in the new blog (due in January), to make such long lists… so I cut it to 5, taking what I think is the best.

  1. Multiple earrings. It used to be a punk characteristic, then has been adopted by young people. Now it is for everybody. I think I will give myself a couple of new piercing in one of my ears!
  2. Gender fluid. Well, everybody has to use the word “gender”, at the end of this year. But mixing feminine and masculine clothes has always been a lot of fun!
  3. A new casual, where sneakers are the focus point. I have always been a great fun of classic trousers or skirts or dresses or tailleur with the sneakers. I will probably give myself a new pair: just have to decide which ones!
  4. Women of a certain age being fashion ambassador instead of very young people. Being the owner of Chic After Fifty, how could I not be happy of this new trend?
  5. Do you remember that dress that nobody could decide if it were blue and black or grey and white? That was the most clicked image of 2015. Which is quite interesting: it means that everybody likes to be engaged and to have the opportunity of have its say!

And today #selfieinthekitchen? Very #LastFridayBeforeChristmas, and #50chic and #chichafter50, but more than everything, very relaxed! Pants by Antonio Fusco, sneakers by New Balance, handmade sweater. That’s it folks!

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re



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