How to wear a splash of color against the gray of February. In Monza

Anna da Re 2 febbraio

It’s February and it’s grey. We appear to be inside a huge cloud: it doesn’t really rain, but it drizzles constantly, and it seems colder than it is.

I spent almost a week far from my wardrobe, wearing jeans or pants, T-shirts and pullovers, and this morning I could’t take it anymore! I wanted some color. I wanted a skirt. I wanted to feel very very, absolutely #50chic and #chicafter50.

I took advantage of the fact that I had to go into the new flat to wait for the telephone company to come and install the modem and connect me to the internet grid, and changed my clothes in spite of the cold. I couldn’t take any selfie, though, because the remote control doesn’t work properly. I don’t know what is wrong with it, I just know it drives me crazy! As if there weren’t enough things to drive me crazy in these days…

And so we arrive to the #selfieintheoffice. You can see I work with books! I am wearing my green skirt, the one with the huge leaves, that I bought in Banana Republic in California and that was love at first sight. Then I have a green cachemire sweater, light and soft, a great pleasure to feel against the skin, and the black jacket by Antonio Fusco. You have seen me wearing it quite a lot! I have also a pair of black stocking, very thick but with a lovely pattern (you can notice it in the picture); they are from Philippe Matignon, one of the best quality stockings Italian brand. I think I have said that before, it is worth to spend some money in stockings: you can see and feel the difference!

The only thing you don’t see in the picture are the flat ankle boots by Zara, but you have seen them plenty!

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re


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