How to knit your spring pull. In Monza of wherever you live


There is a good news for all knitters: the spring pulls are short! So if you decide to make your first pull, the work will be quick and easy!

Knitting used to be a necessity, long time ago: when you had to knit your socks, your shawls, your gloves, your everything. Now it’s a choice, and also a way to express your creativity and to see and wear the result of your efforts. Knitting is relaxing and rewarding; there are even a number of men who enjoy it!

I come from a family of knitters, I have learned the craft when I was a kid; I have also learned a number of precious secrets that make my sweaters hardly discernible from the ones mechanically or industrially made. And more than anything I have learned patience, perseverance, dedication, precision. All qualities that are important whatever you do.

There are two more things I appreciate about knitting: one is that there is an element of repetition that makes half of your brain on the automatic gear, so that the other half is free to think and create; the other is that until you have finish the thing you are making, you don’t know if you’ll like it and if it is what you had in mind when you started… thrilling, isn’t it?

I am right now finishing a sweater that I don’t if I will like. But I have already a new project in mind: a micro pull in cotton and cachemire, light grey cachemire mixed with a white thin cotton, that will be ready exactly for spring!

Last but not least, somebody asked me if I could make some tutorials about knitting. I am thinking about it! As you can see, new ideas and new projects are here in spades!

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re


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