How to dress to leave your comfort zone. In Milano. And in yourself

Anna da Re 5 gennaio1

They say life starts when you leave your comfort zone… I believe it, but I am not sure how to do it!

Let’s say that to start this blog, almost a year ago, showing myself everyday, has certainly meant leaving my comfort zone. But you know, the comfort zone is tricky: it moves and changes, so that you should challenge it every day… and yet sometimes, or often, you leave your comfort zone, move ahead and find yourself in a new comfort zone! It is a maze!

But why I am telling you this? Probably to justify the silliness of today’s #selfieinthekitchen!

What am I wearing? An old blue wool jacket I bought at Jigsaw some years ago; used to be a wonderful chain of shops, Jigsaw, beautiful setting, beautiful furniture and beautiful clothes, who knows if it is that way still… I am also wearing a purple cachemire sweater: I have given myself the luxury of feeling the softness of cachemire directly on my skin! The jeans are DKNY, bought in California last summer, and the boots are the usual Blundstones. You cannot see it very well, but it is definetely #50chic and #chicafter50!

What else? It rains, it’s cold, it’s the dead of winter. As they say, when you are going through hell, keep going!

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re


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