How to dress to go walking in the park. At the Idroscalo, near Milano

Anna da Re 6 gennaio

Luckily enough today, which is a holiday right in the middle of the week, the weather has been clement and I had the chance to go walking.

I do love walking but I find difficult to find the time to do it, with the job and the blog and all the other chores and errands and activities… some people say they run to obtain the same effect of walking in half the time. But even though I care about being in shape and fit, I don’t walk for that reason. I just like the movement, the staying outside, the quietness of the parks, the silence of winter and the sound of spring when the time comes. Of course I’d rather walk in the mountains or along a beach, but I’ll make do with a park. And when I will move to Monza, in a few weeks, I will have a huge park to walk in!

For the moment I went to the Idroscalo, which is not too romantic but in winter is especially pleasant. There are some people who walk their dog, who run or walk or bicycle, but they are all quiet and concentrate on their activities. It is a silent place, which suits me, and very close to the city, not more than 20 minutes by car.

To be warm but also #50chic and #chicafter50, I am wearing some layers: joggers (Richfield) over a pair of light leggings, a jacket (The North Face) over a fleece (brought over from Mammoth Mountains by my sister who usually works there in the winter) over a long sleeve T-shirt over a top, and a hat I bought at the market in Ancona last Christmas holidays, which I like a lot. As for shoes, I should really buy a new pair: this old New Balance have seen better times!

Am I ready to go? Yes I am!

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re



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