How to dress to go and take the measurments of your new flat. In Monza

Anna da Re 9 gennaio

On a rainy and grey and cold day, I went to Monza to get the keys to the new flat. Yes, it’s time to move!

I will actually move at the end of the month, and the bigger job will be to pack everything that I have accumulated in the two years I have been living in the flat in Milano, famous for its kitchen and #selfieinthekitchen! Where will I take my selfies in the new flat? I have no idea. I just went there today, with my friend Isabella who lives in Monza and will help me with the lay out, to take some measurments and start to think how to organize things and how to distribute the furniture. It will be a new adventure and I am quite excited about it!

How to dress for such a crucial task? How to be #50chic and #chicafter50? I am wearing a padded raincoat (CP Company), my usual jeans (DKNY, brought over from California) and a beautiful fox hat. I don’t feel confident about wearing fur, but I fell for this hat at least 20 years ago, and I am still wearing it! The boots, Airwalk by Dr Martens, come from the States, and are very old; I remember when I bought them, in Italy the only Dr Martens you could find were the brogues. While in America I got these boots but also the black high boots I usually wear with skirts. Do you think I have something with boots? Yes I do…

Have a nice evening!

Anna da Re

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