Of when your blog is thriving and you discover “peace silk”. In Milano

Anna da Re 12 gennaio 1This is going to be a different post. Yes, the #selfieinthekitchen looks just the same. But I am going to tell you a story.

Yesterday in my email box there was a message from the Milano showroom Binf, asking me to collaborate with them. Isn’t it a breakthrough? Isn’t it the signal that my blog is thriving? I feel it is. I am so happy! Do you think I don’t need much to be happy? You are right. But wasn’t it the word “appreciate” among my 2016 good resolutions?

Anyway later in the afternoon Binf sent me some news and some pictures about a brand called La Cles. I had never heard of it, honestly. But they have this concept of “peace silk” which I quite like. You know all this talking about storytelling and brand being able to tell stories? I guess sometimes more than stories it could be the choice of words that makes a brand stand out of the crowd. Silk has always been a favorite word for me, a word able to convey the richness and softness and pleasure of the material just with its sound. Peace doesn’t need to be explained, it is certainly one of the best words mankind has invented!

Tunica Le Cles

“Peace silk “is an organic cruelty-free material that respects the environment and the skin. It is part of the philosophy of La Cles: respect, responsability, patience.  Of all the items of the La Cles summer collection I particularly liked this silk tunic: I can easily imagine myself wearing it with a pair of culotte or pajama pants and platform sandals… Wouldn’t it be #50chic and #chicafter50?

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re



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