Boxes and blogs on a Sunday at home. In Milano

Anna da Re 17 gennaio

This is as true and honest picture as you can get: a #selfieinthekitchen with boxes and blogs (those are online so you can’t see them).

Meaning this a working Sunday: work on the boxes (I have barely finished the kitchen) and work on the new blog. Did I tell you about that? I am sure I did. Anyway, the new Chic After Fifty should go online January the 25, not exactly its birthday, just one day ahead. You happy about it? I am!

It will be in two languages, so really nobody will have any excuse not to come and read me! And with time I will go further than to show my outfit and tell you about it. There will be suggestions and galleries and tips and more ideas… I said with time because the tools I will be using will be different and it will take me some time to practice!

As for today, I am wearing a pair of comfy sweatpants with an old cachemire sweater and the Mahabis slippers. I guess it could be defined #50chic and #chicafter50, don’t you think?

And outside it’s kind of sunny but very windy: I am glad to move from the fourth floor to the ground floor, I am telling you. Usually people who live in the cities prefer the very top floors, and it makes sense, but I’d rather stay near the ground! You have no idea (or maybe you have) how much noise the wind makes at this height. Plus the modern rolling shutters are plastic, and that makes them move a lot! I will be more than happy to have with the old classic wooden shutters!

Now back to work.

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re


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