Surviving kit for Murphy’s law days. In Monza

Anna da Re 3 febbraio ok

Are you familiar with the basic Murphy’s law: “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”? So am I.

I think the new town is testing me. If I’ll be able to survive all the difficulties and hitches and troubles, I’ll be worthy to be a citizen of the new town!

I also know I am a bit confused and stressed.

So what happened this morning? That when I went to take my car to come to the office quite early, I couldn’t even open the doors. Astonished, I tried and tried. But then remembered that yesterday evening I had forgotten to turn the blinkers off. The battery went kaput! Well done, Anna! Who’s to blame but yourself?

I have to say that I quickly found an auto electric shop to have it fixed, but had to leave the car there for the entire day. It was the perfect occasion to experiment with the train! Which, needless to say, was efficient and easy. You give the time to settle, and I will be travelling by train each and every day!

And you know what I thought while I was walking toward the station under a light rain? That I had something to read!

Here’s my surviving kit: a very capacious bag (this is by Kate Spade New York) in a bright and happy color, two telephones and two chargers, the iPad, the agenda, the book of ideas (in case I have a bright idea and don’t want to forget it, at the moment is completely empty, but I am confident for the future), reading glasses, tissues. Beanie and gloves can stay in the bag when not in use. Heavy, eh?

Moreover, is it #50chic and #chicafter50? Yes indeed!

Have a nice day!

Anna da Re




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