Old desk, new flat. My life in Monza


Hello from a rainy Sunday! The perfect day to finish the moving and transport things! But I made it.

I went to the old flat to take the last things (it’s incredible how many of them), to clean the place and say goodbye. With no regret, honestly. It was a pretty flat and it served its purpose. But I didn’t develop any affection to it, or so it seems now (sometimes you discover an affection lately).

I spent some time, certainly not enough, sorting through some papers. I am telling you, I am hopeless. Can’t decide if something has to be kept or thrown away. Plus, either I get bored or I get sentimental, papers reminding me of dear people I have lost… not good for a rainy, cold and grey day! Luckily enough, I have a friend who’s able to do it: I will make her a luxurious dinner in exchange for her help to sort the papers out!

I then did some more tiding, but when it comes to clothes and accessories I am very good at it!

And I organised my desk, which is an absolute priority for me. It is my aunt desk, I remember how much I liked it when I went to visit her; she was a math teacher, very tidy and very organised, and had her kids’ homework piled up on the desk… a sweet and sad memory! I guess there is some people I’ll never stop to miss.

How I am dressed?  With a simple pair of jeans (Gap) and the grey handmade sweater I love and cherish; it’s one of my best creations, I think!

And now it’s time for a nice cup of tea. Have a nice afternoon!

Anna da Re


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